Who Is PERC?


PRINCIPAL Alison Gomez

The Parkmead parent teacher group is in a transitional year, as we move from three separate governing boards (PALS PTO, PCS PTA, and Whole-School PERC) to a single, cohesive parent teacher group. PERC refers to the executive board and PERC hosts the parent-teacher group meetings. Moving forward, we will be revising our organization and bylaws to better serve the entire Parkmead community.

President Amanda Naprawa

    • Presides over meetings & PERC board, manages budget, and serves as primary contact for administration and district

VP of PALS Programming Jennifer Billeci

    • Assists President; serves as liasion between PERC board and PALS teachers; monitors PALS budget; coordinates program-wide activities

VP of PCS Programming Jennifer Pickett

    • Assists President; serves as liasion between PERC board and PCS teachers; monitors PCS budget

VP of Communications Stephanie Hilton

    • Coordinates communication to the Parkmead community; oversees E-News other communication tools

VP of Events Kristina Bao-Paluck

      • Serves as liasion between event committees and PERC board; supports chairs of non-fundraising events like One School One Book,

VP of Fundraising Andrea Klein

      • Serves as liasion between fundraising committees and PERC board; supports chairs of Auction, Fitness Challenge and Carnival

Treasurers Anneke Reimers & Echo Aoki

      • Maintains all funds and manages deposits, withdrawals and assists President in creating annual budget

Secretary Alison Vidal

      • Keeps minutes and distributes minutes from PERC and Parent Teacher Group meetings

Parliamentarian Jeff Loew

      • Advises on parliamentary procedures & assures all meetings are conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order

Auditor Jason Rempel

      • Completes annual audit of financial reports & bank accounts & reports to the Board

Faculty Representatives Elizabeth Ensley & Krista Schnepp (fka Smith)

      • Serve as liasions between PERC board and Parkmead teachers

We want to hear from you.

Questions about PERC? Email PercPresident1@gmail.com

Questions about donations & funding? Email: Treasurer4perc@gmail.com